Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#3: Training Video's

Hi there,

I wanted to give a short update before determining which part I want to discuss next, since there are a lot of basics. Probably the next part will be 3/4/5-betting preflop.  In the meanwhile I would like to advice you guys to one of the following videos, or if possible all of them. It goes from easy to a bit more difficult, although most of them are pretty basic in general. You can watch them on DeucesCracked, or send me an Email to

1) 2x6: by Vanessa Selbst and Whitelime
2) HellOmaha by NoWhereman & KasinoKrime

And for the Mental part, an all-time must-have classic:

The Eightfold path to Poker Enlightment by Tommy Angelo

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