Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#1: Pot Limit Omaha Intro

Hello there!

At the 28th of November 2012, I decided to stop making it a private blog, and switched from a Dutch-written blog into an English-written one. So If you look further back then this you'll probably think what's happening over here? So, don't worry, It's not a disease or a virus.

Anyhow, for the moment I'm taking a little break from grinding so I study a bit more, and regain the pleasure in playing PLO. That's why I started making this blog, try to stabilize a little income. A iny tiny low-variance income.

Disclaimer: If you're a beginner trying to learn PLO: PLO is like Heroin, once you start playing you're addicted. Upswings feel like Heroin, downswings feel like Heroin. Period.

You can split Omaha into two Major Parts; The mental part, and the theoretical part. Let's kick of with the mental part.

Small Technical Theoretical Introduction:

First of all; Most of the people visiting my blog will come from playing Hold'em, and decided to make the (correct decision) playing Omaha because of the weaker player pool. To make the transition HM --> OM, you'll save yourself a lot of pain by stop to compare these 2 games. Straight away. Omaha =! Hold'em. Not even a tiny bit. I give this pretty abstract advice because I wish someone said this to me once I started. That would've saved me lots of time, money and stress.

Omaha is a postflop game. In contrast to HM equity's run very close to each-other preflop. Where you an easily be an 80-20 favourite preflop by holding KK vs QQ, there are lots of situations where you're only a 55-45% favourite with AA[2-K][2-K]; Random Aces (I immediately start give correct, complete Pro Poker Tools notations, the key software to studying PLO, it could be  a bit difficult in the beginning, but you'll benefit from it)

So; Equity's run close preflop because of the fact you've got 4 cards, but you obvious really want to maintain an edge. Position is the most profitable factor in PlO. Simply becuase you can have a huge range; you can practical represent anything.

Small Mental Introduction:

Because of the fact all equity's run close, variance is huge. Depending on your mindset, the mental part can be harder then the technical aspect of the game. An advice I can give which would be great from the beginning, is: Don't look at your EV. EV in PLO means nothing because of the flop equity distribution. Don't whine about running below EV; Poker owes you nothing. What you only should care about, is playing your best game.

Random PLO Graph

Variance is sickness. Ignore it and you'll become a beast. Care about it and it'll break you.

That's it for now, hope I'll get some followers and I'll keep ya guys updated!

Thanks for reading!

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