Saturday, December 1, 2012

#6: Configuring a HUD - Part 1

Hello all,

I've done a lot of blogging the last days, but mainly on my other blogs. But as I noticed it's been 3 days since I've updated RoadtoPLO, I decided it's about time!

We've discussed some preflop stuff, and before going to the postflop part, I think we'll benefit by setting up a HUD together. Having a good HUD will have a major advance for you on opponents, since you can spot Villain's leaks in a moment, and respond accordingly.

Let's start out with the basics that every HUD has, and go on from there:


VPIP = Voluntary Put money In Pot %
PFR    = Preflop Raise %
AGF  = Aggression Factor: (#Bets + #Raises) / #Number Calls

When you're a beginning player, I recommend playing Tight-Agressive (TAG), which should lead to stats into this area:
13~14 / 19~20 / 3.0~4.0

As soon as you're getting a bit more experienced, you can loosen up a bit, aiming for the sweet spot which is at an estimated PFR / VPIP of respectively 20 / 26. You should experimentate for yourself what works for you, but this is a proven strategy. In opposition of NLHE, there are so many ways to play (big) winning poker in PLO. Lot's of ways that'll lead to Rome. One will crush playig extremely LAG, another one will make a very steady profit playing 15/22 while exploiting regulars a lot. There are so many ways. In my opinion you should get an understanding of the game playing TAG, before changing your game to a bit more LAGgy.

3Bet OOP / 3Bet IP / Tot 3Bet

3Bet OOP = Times you 3Bet Out of Position %
3Bet IP      = Times you 3Bet In Position %
Tot 3Bet    = Well, you get it.

3Betting has a HUGE influence on your winrate in PLO. As I allready spent a chapter on 3Betting (Updated!) I'm not going to say all that much about it, but still some notes.

People will fold a lot to aggression at lower stakes. That's why it's extremely profitable putting much pressure on them, so to 3Bet a lot. But, as position is really important in PLO, you don't want to be in big pots out of position all that much. That's why you should really divide your 3Betting into IP and OOP. Here are the stats you should aiming for while beginning:

3~4 / 8~10 / 6~7%

These stats are pretty wide, but your 3Bet-range obviously depends (and has a hold) over your playing style.  Mine are 4.0 / 10.2 / 7, but I can imagine you want to start off a bit more slowly in the beginning, and don't start 3Betting like crazy without knowing the reasons for it.

I'm going to update the 3Bet post a bit, part 2 will come tomorrow!

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