Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#2: Pot Limit Omaha Opening Chart


Just like in the old days (2005/6/7/8) the only thing you needed to do to win pretty big at poker (NLHE), was think logical and play ABC poker. Nowadays it's the same with Pot Limit Omaha.

Play ABC --> Win

Our strategy basically holds his self on this two pillars:
-Betting the nuts for value, getting much money in when we've got a strong hand.
-Using Position to steal pots from (weak) opponents, when we're able to exploit them since we can represent a huge range of hands.

Which determines our strategy to:
-Play strong starting hands
-Play in position.

Preflop Opening

Some 6Max Cash opening Charts I found on my PC while looking for some interesting material. The Charts are published by Poker Professional Tom Chambers, in the online community better known as LearnedFromTV on Pokerstars.

On the Internet you'll find various PLO Hand ranking systems. You're better of ignoring these, because of the fact they sort out hand rankings by raw equity. For example; If you're 200bb deep, you prefer playing 89TJxxyy instead of QQ[2-A][2-A]random suits, while you should prefer playing QQ[2-A][2-A]random suits with a 20bb stack.

You can look for some raw equity simulations on:

Anyhow, here we go:

unp  = Unpaired
1p = One pair
2p = Two pair
ds = Doublesuited
ss = Singlesuited
r = Rainbow

Page 1

Good luck practicing!

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